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Expedition Citroën C3 Europe-Asia for 60 days

A trip with CITROËN C3 through Europe to Asia & back.
Crazy, brave adventures
of one single man and one single car
on the roads...


In twenty years you will be more sorry for things you did not do than things you did. So, pull the anchor out of the safe harbor. Leave the stitches in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

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Long Road

First thought? Vladivostok. A city that you'll find on the map with your finger in just a few seconds. It's a distance of about 11000 km. You sit at your computer and look at Google Maps as it calculates the route. It offers the options to travel with planes or trains. Driving by car is the last option.

I had a parallel thought about The Hobbit. The trip there and back. At the end there's no dragon's treasure waiting for me. Maybe the dragon's mountain but only in thought. So why go back the same road you took? So at the dragon's mountain there's Peking. After that, Shanghai. From there, it's just a little trip to the next town, Hanoi and then Ho Chi Minh City.

The dream you keep dreaming about. You don't try to make it real. Why would you? There's work, family, work, family, work, work, work. It's a vicious cycle that is engraved into us since youth. That makes taking a two month vacation as near impossible. At the same time we are preparing for the experience, adventure that has disappeared from our world.

These words do not come from my head. I heard them from a person, a traveler and adventurer named Dan Přibáň.

From your crazy dream you snap back to reality as soon as you tell just a couple of people. If you had a sense of what - normality, then at that moment you also lost what little pinch of an idea you had. You rather stay quiet and the dream slowly fades away, dusting up. Until when you meet somebody who says;

I couldn't do it. It's not for me. However I'll support you! I can help you with these things.

And then it's only upon you to either back out and say not anymore.

Or you step out to fulfill your dream!

Why Citroën C3?

There are definitely better cars for long and rough roads. Bigger, that have a higher capacity of carrying more equipment, better suited for offroad, on dusty, muddy roads. Either way we are going with Citroën C3. A car better suited for driving around cities and outside of them.

I have a simple answer. I'm only going to each closest city and then the next and next. It only comes down to how you prepare yourself. The coin however has two sides. From 2003 I've been only driving Citroën C3 vehicles and they suit me. I'm convinced that this car will handle the rough roads and I have a few surprises to prove that it can handle it.

Will you support us?

Do you want to see your company's logo on the car?

Do you want to see your name on the car?

Do you want to support us?

The trip alone is unbelievably expensive. Driving with car to China is priced at 5000€, Thailand, Cambodia, or Laos  is charging an average of 1500 per country. Highway fees, bridging charges and transit fees aren't any cheap either, same as requiring to sleep in hotels and pensions, because you can't sleep in a tent everywhere. Help us make this project real and you can be excited with us for multiple documentary films and even a feature film whose production, cutting but also dubbing is also a very financially demanding issue.


Jozef "Jojo" Samek


Jozef "Jojo" Samek

For just about 10 years I've been working with cameras, and the last two with video production. You can find photos of my work on www.jojosamek.com. Photography is my way of life and it has brought me to this wonderful project.

Zoltán Gerő


Zoltán Gerő

I have started working with cinematography 13 years ago. Since then I have gained enough experience to produce videos of a wide spectrum of genres.

Expedition vehicle

New Citroën C3

Realization Team

Martin Navrátil


Martin Navrátil

I've been actively traveling the world for 15 years. I worked as a professional guide and have organized many first-expeditions. I set up a website for travelers like me at www.travelistan.sk, where I share information about how I travel. My favorites from traveling includes Africa, lands on the Silk Road, as well as bizarre and abandoned places.




A well of wisdom, practical advice and ideas. The spiritual father of the project, without whom the project would not be created. Eternal optimist and unbelievable motivator.

Ladislav Fekete


Ladislav Fekete

Rich experience of Citroen's main receiving technician in the Autoservice Béhr & Béhr in Dunajská Streda www.behr.sk.

Jozef "Matthew" Samek


Jozef "Matthew" Samek

Long years of experience with computer tech, networks and mobile tech. Creator of the website, maintenance of both the site and social sites, translations into English, technical provision of publishing posts. Pretty experienced guy and I am proud of him.

Péter Rajkovics


Péter Rajkovics

Editor-in-Chief of the Dunajská Streda Newspaper and Portal. For 15 years he has been dealing with communication and marketing. He is responsible for the Hungarian content on the site.


Can it be done in time? Theoretically, yes. Practically? Time will tell. But so it's not that simple, there was a suggestion: "Just do it all alone! Just let the cameraman capture all of it!"

Crazily absurd even for me. The thought of sitting behind the wheel for 10 hours a day, with the roads being bad (and believe me, they will), it really sounds like a challenge. Finish the thought with the usual problems on the road, all sorts of technical problems, wheels falling into ditches, flat tires, tiredness, stress. Mix it with crossing borders, because you never know who is having a bad day and they'll lay it all out on you. High mountain excursions, overcrowded cities, food that you are not used to and you've got a basic idea of the abundance of experience.

It still sounds crazily absurd to me.

Crazily absurd, but a big adventure!



In case you have any questions or suggestions, have your logo on the expedition vehicle, or your name put as a sticker on the car, don't hesitate.


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